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How To Control Your Drinking Using First Principles Thinking

Page 7-8: How Art, an entrepreneur from Idaho, got in control of his drinking for 6 months after 33 years of drinking. He rebuilt his marriage and doubled down on business.

Page 11-13: The approach 99% of the population take to stop drinking – and why almost all of them will fail to control their drinking.

Page 14-15: The critical mistake you can make when stopping drinking, and exactly how to address it.

Page 18-24: The problem with giving yourself labels, and what to do instead.

Page 25-28: How we can use First Principles Thinking to get immediate control of our drinking.

Page 32-24: What you should focus on after applying First Principles Thinking and becoming “Soberclear” 

Page 35-36: How Robert, an entrepreneur from England, went 5 months without a drop after 30+ years. His daughter said “Dad, I’ve got you back”.

Page 38-40: A secret bonus.

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