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Over 6 months without a drop of alcohol after 33 years of drinking

10 months without alcohol. “Leon is a genuine guy who really cares, wise beyond his years and making a huge impact on so many lives”.

“The changes the Soberclear program has had on my life are remarkable

“I would give the Soberclear program a 5 star review. Couldn’t rate it better”

“The changes the program has made in my life Are massive, Soberclear is first rate. Even my daughter said “Dad, I’ve got you back.”

"This program is Way more than just a quitting drinking. It’s helping me make future plans and set new goals

“Every morning I feel good. I don’t think about it and it’s not even an issue anymore”

“This program really does pay for itself. It was a leap of faith, but it’s been incredible!”

Over 9 months without a drop of Alcohol - after 40 years of DAILY drinking

“Honestly, I was skeptical. But, I no longer obsess About Or crave alcohol!”

“The community and connecting with other members is motivating. That's a key part of This program for me.”

“Being "soberclear" has made me want to improve myself and become a better man

“Since becoming sober with Soberclear, my wife trusts me again. I preach your gospel to everyone Leon!”

“The mindset shift and change in perspective in the program has made quitting alcohol easy

“This program felt like a flick of a mindset switch.. and it has felt easy for me”

Soberclear has directly saved my life, my marriage and my business”.

"This program has really changed our family's life. Thanks leon."

Something just clicked for me. I really do recommend this program.

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