Creating a Testimonial Video Instructions

What’s up!? Firstly, a massive congratulations on your success with the Soberclear program! If you’re being asked to create this short video, you must be doing something right! And that alone is worth celebrating…

There are some instructions on how to record the testimonial in the short video below.

Step 1: Watch This Video

Step 2: Check Out Some Examples

Step 3: Creating a Video Using This Format

Bear in mind that the video doesn’t need to be perfect. A low-quality camera phone is perfect and making mistakes is fine! Just be yourself.

1. How was life/drinking before the Soberclear program?
2. How easy has it been stopping drinking?
3. How has health, energy levels, sleep and fitness improved?
4. How has your relationship and family life improved?
5. How was your career/business improved?
6. How has your mental clarity improved?
7. Would you recommend the program to others?

Try to use the question in each of your answers, 

e.g. Before I started the Soberclear program, my drinking was…etc.Doesn’t need to follow that perfectly, but something like that.

Step 4: Please Upload Your Video Here

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