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Dan Farmer

Carlita Westoby

“Before the coaching call with Leon, life was pretty mundane.  I was just coping with the daily routines of life and working on my sobriety in the best way that I knew how.  It was great to speak with someone who understands my situation, who can relate and understand what I am going through.

The coaching call definitely changed my way of thinking and made me realise which areas in my life need work and what I need to change to lead a fuller sober life. I now feel charged up and excited for what lies ahead. I loved the spontaneity and professionalism in which the call was handled. 

I immediately felt at ease and was able to open up and talk freely about the situation I am in. Got fantastic advice and assistance in pointing out my weak areas that need improvement. Without a doubt, I would recommend the call.

I always say I can sympathise with somebody who has lost a child, but I will never fully understand what they are going through, unless you have been there yourself.  It’s the same with alcoholism. 

Coaching just puts everything into perspective, it’s conducted by somebody who has walked the same path as you. Leon was fantastic in sharing his knowledge and guiding me in the right direction, definitely a call that will have a huge impact on my sobriety.” 

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